In the golden hues of a crisp October evening, amidst the evolving landscape of Wausau Creek Dam, a tale of myth and magic unfolded. It was a rendezvous between creativity and camaraderie, as my dear friend Kendra, a multi-talented soul embodying the roles of actress, photographer, and devoted gardener, joined me for a photo session that delved deep into the realms of Arthurian legend.

Kendra, a cherished companion of two decades and one of my lifelong kindred spirits, possesses a captivating essence that effortlessly channels the spirit of the Lady of the Lake. As we embarked on our most recent creative endeavor, inspired by the timeless allure of Avalon and its mystical denizens, it felt like a natural convergence of friendship and artistic expression.

Our chosen backdrop, Wausau Creek Dam, had been witness to our photography shenanigans in the past. Amongits evolving terrain, we found inspiration in a small dock, which would stand in as the Barge that ferried visitors and priestesses alike to Avalon's shore. Against the backdrop of the tranquil waters, Kendra radiated strength and grace, embodying the spirit of the Lady.

Venturing deeper into the preserve we found ourselves in solitude of a cold autumn evening, with only the shallow stream. Here, amidst the stillness, Kendra assumed the mantle of the mythical guardian, poised to bestow the sword upon the next ruler of Albion. Despite the scarcity of water, her resilience and dedication shone through, transforming limitations of the cold waters into opportunities for artistic interpretation.

In every gesture and expression, Kendra epitomized the essence of sovereignty – a concept deeply personal to me. Through our exploration of Avalon and its archetypal significance, we sought to unravel the layers of personal power, navigating the interplay between the worlds, inner and outer.

Kendra had customized a blue dress from Holy Clothing and adorned with a magnificent torque necklace, Kendra became a living embodiment of symbolism, each element adding to the timeless allure of myth and the enduring strength of the feminine spirit. As sunset on our way out of the forest, I couldn't help but reflect on the profound resonance of Avalon as a sanctuary of healing, inhabited by wise women and healers – a longing shared by countless souls seeking solace in the embrace of myth and legend.

Through my work, which predominantly centers on women and our connection to the world, I think of and celebrate the multifaceted nature of feminine identity. Stories and mythic landscapes like that of Avalon, serve as potent vessels for connection, empowerment and enlightenment for those who dare to seek her shores.

I feel a profound sense of gratitude for the opportunity to embark on this creative journey with Kendra, a beacon of inspiration and a cherished friend. Together, we had created imagery that spoke to the eternal quest for sovereignty and self-discovery.

Stay wild moon child--